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Northland Sportsmen’s Club Ranges

Rifle Range:  Covered firing line, offering 50 yard and 100 yd boards

Pistol Range:  Covered firing line.  offering 7 yd, 25 yd and 50 yd boards

Bowling Pin Range:  Covered firing line, 25 feet

Shot Gun Range:  Five Stand, Trap and Skeet

Indoor .22 Range:  50 feet

*See Shooting Events and Calendar pages for information on range use. Our ranges are for member use.  Some of our weekly events are open to the public and range fees apply.

Rifle Range

Pistol Range

Bowling Pin Range

Indoor 22


Concealed Carry and Open Carry Guns must remain holstered at ALL times on club property.  This pertains to club buildings and ranges.  On designated firing lines is the ONLY location Carry Guns can be unholstered.

  • No alcoholic beverages allowed on any range.
  • Firearms will be unloaded and cased, or unloaded with actions open, magazines removed, and muzzles pointed up while behind the firing line.
  • Load on the firing line only, and keep loaded firearms pointed down range.
  • Do not cross fire. Be certain that your bullet will impact in the backstop.
  • Target changers will not go down range until all firearms are unloaded, actions open, and the range announced “safe”
  • People on the firing line will not handle firearms while target changers are down range.
  • Any approved paper, metallic silhouette, or bowling pin type targets may be used. No bottles allowed.
  • Paper targets will be stapled or pinned to the target boards provided. Do not use nails to attach targets.  Do not place targets in front of the support posts.  Do not place targets on or in front of the metallic silhouette stands.  Steel targets are not allowed, except for organized shooting events approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Tracer, incendiary, or signal flare ammunition is not allowed. Notice: this applies to all ranges including the shotgun range.
  • Normal range hours are from sun up to sun down. Members may shoot after dark only at the discretion of the Club Range Officer, and must have written permission in their possession.  No shooting is allowed after 10:00 PM.
  • Portable target stands may be used, but must be removed from the range when you leave.
  • No vehicles are allowed on the range except for maintenance.
  • All shooters and spectators must conduct themselves in a safe manner at all times.
  • Before you leave, clean up your trash (including spent casings of all calibers).
  • Eye and hearing protection is mandatory on all ranges at all times.
  • Each member is responsible for following these rules, and for requiring others to follow them.

Revised 2/2/17.  These rules have been approved and are enforced by the Board of Directors.