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Membership Information & Benefits






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The Board of Directors meets the first Thursday of each month 6:00-7:00 pm sharp. A general membership meeting is held the first Thursday of each month 7:30 pm.  Members are encouraged to attend the general membership meeting each month to keep up to date on the happenings and volunteer opportunities at the club.

Need to renew your membership?  Please click on  the newsletter  on the left side of this page to print a renewal form.  Renewal forms are also available in the club lobby.

Clubhouse Facilities

Members/Nonmembers can use the Clubhouse, Members in good standing must a have been a members for more than one year,  a cleaning deposit is required, and fees for kitchen use may apply. Nonmembers are also required to pay a rental fee and cleaning deposit, and kitchen use fee. No dates can be booked prior to year scheduling meeting that takes place in November of each year. For available times and dates contact Gary Russell or Vic Ouellette. There will be no multiple bookings without Board approval.

Lessee will enforce club rules/policies for events.  Pursuant to our club bylaws, ranges must be closed when minors are attending functions at the clubhouse.  Because of that rule range closure must be approved prior to event.  The Lessee is fully responsible for enforcement of this rule.  Lessee is asked to give consideration in their event planning hours for range closures.  Lessee is required to contact the Chief Range Officer for range closure procedures to eliminate conflicts.

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April 27th – Defensive Sport Shooting Practice starts every Thursday through October except on meeting nights April 26 – Bowling Pin Shooting starts, FREE NIGHT April 27 – Defensive Shooting Practice starts May 1 – President’s Clean Up May 5 – Hunter Safety Registration May 6 & 7 – Hunter Safety Class May 13 – Defensive Sport Shooting Match May 13 – Sportsman of the Year Presentation Dinner May 19 – NRA Women on Target Staff Meeting May 20 – NRA Women on Target Clinic June 10 – Defensive Sport Shooting Match June 24 – First Annual Dinner In Memory Of Deceased Members July 8 – Defensive Sport Shooting Match July 22 – Annual Club Open House August 12 – Defensive Sport Shooting Match August 19 – Annual Corn And Pig Roast August 25 – Hunter Safety Registration August 26 & 27 – Hunter Safety Class September 9 – Defensive Sport Shooting Match September 22 – NRA Women on Target Staff Meeting September 23 – NRA Women on Target Clinic October 14 – Defensive Sport Shooting Match October 14 – Sportswoman of the Year Presentation   November 3 – Annual Scheduling Meeting for 2018 Events November 8 – Annual Deer Season Sight In

Check special events area for Raffles, and other special events,