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Community Events

Northland Sportsmen’s Club hosts various community events everything from “Adopt a Forest” to “Hunters Safety” check our calendar for this years activities.  Here are just a few (for full schedule please visit our calendar)

Sportsmen’s Club Scholarships

Each year the Sportsmen’s Club will award two scholarships to graduating students in Otsego County. Applications are available through Otsego County High Schools guidance offices.
2017 applications will be available by January 20, 2017.

President’s Clean Up

1st Monday in May at 5:30 PM

Each year the club members clean up trash along the roadsides around the club property.
In case of bad weather the cleanup will be held the following Monday.

Adopt A Forest Program

First Monday of June each year at 5:00 PM

Each year the club members clean up illegal dump-sites on several acres of state land.

Law Enforcement Range Use

See events calendar for days and times Law Enforcement are scheduled to use the ranges.

Since we have the only developed range facilities in Otsego County, the club provides law enforcement agencies the use of the outdoor rifle and pistol ranges for training and qualification purposes. They are used by the Michigan State Police, Otsego County Sheriff Department,  Gaylord Police Department and DNR.

Upcoming Special Events

 August 12 – Defensive Sport Shooting Match

August 19 – Annual Corn And Pig Roast

August 25 – Hunter Safety Registration

August 26 & 27 – Hunter Safety Class

September 9 – Defensive Sport Shooting Match

September 22 – NRA Women on Target Staff Meeting

September 23 – NRA Women on Target Clinic

October 14 – Defensive Sport Shooting Match

October 14 – Sportswoman of the Year Presentation

November 3 – Annual Scheduling Meeting for 2018 Events

November 8-14 – Annual Deer Season Sight In



Sportsman & Sportswoman Of The Year Award

Sportsman Of The Year Banquet – May 13, 2017

Sportswoman Of The Year Presentation October 14, 2017

Each year men who have previously received the award meet to select a Sportsman Of The Year. The ladies also select a Sportswoman Of The Year. The recipient does not need to be a club member.

Defensive Sport Shooting

Northland Sportsmen’s Club has started a new type of competitive shooting. Defensive Sport Shooting is aimed at encouraging all men and women, with or without their CPL, to come out and familiarize themselves with the course and their equipment. We will strive to have exercises that will help the shooter handle their equipment more efficiently and SAFELY. This event will be open to the public. four separate shooting stages will be offered with a different Course of Fire for each stage.  A shooter will be required to shoot from “cover”, move from one shooting position to another, change magazines and/or reload a revolver. The shooter may be required to efficiently clear mis-fires, should one occur, and do this while maintaining SAFE gun handling procedures at all times.

Practice sessions will be each Thursday at 6 pm. through the end of October at a cost of $5.00 per participant. It will take place at the Pistol Range and will consist of a single Course of Fire. The purpose of this event is to acquaint the shooters with the SAFETY rules and give a good “taste of the action”. We will also be looking for volunteers to assist in the management of future events.

There will be a competition on the second Saturday of each month May-October at 10 am. The cost is $10.00 per participant. This event will consist of at least 4 shooting stations. Two newly renovated shooting areas on the left side of the Rifle Range, one station at the far end of the Rifle Range and one on the Pistol Range.

In order to participate, you must have eye and ear protection, a strong side hip holster, and multiple magazines to enable you to shoot at least 25 rounds in a single Course of Fire.

Please come out and join us in a fun shooting experience!

If you have any questions regarding this program contact:

Ken Sewell 989-390-2233

Dan Hofmann 989-390-4140


Youth Activities

Hunter Safety

Hunters Safety classes are held twice each year check the clubs online calendar for dates

Pre-registration is mandatory, Call Vic Ouellette 989-731-1906 to Pre register or Pre register Friday The day before the class 6Pm-8Pm at the Club, space is limited and Pre-registration is needed to insure a spot in the class. The Clubs phone number is 989-732-6389 Classes are open to all ages, 10 year old and younger must be accompanied by parent for the class,   a safe Hunters patch will be made available.Those that have not pre registered will be put on a waiting list, as the seating space is limited. Other classes are available, please contact Vic Ouellette 989-731-1906.

Ice Fishing Derby

Second Saturday in February; 8 AM – Noon

In February a free Ice Fishing Derby for children is held on Otsego Lake. Tackle and bait are furnished and the club members bore the holes. All you need to bring are children. Hot chocolate is available at the lake. A free lunch is served at the clubhouse. Prizes are given for the first fish caught; the biggest fish caught, and the most fish caught. Then a drawing is held for the children. Every child gets a prize. This is open to the public.

Civilian Marksmanship Program for Junior Shooters

October – April, Every Monday at 6:00 PM

The CMP Junior Rifle program starts in October and continues through April one night every week. Youngsters ages 10 through 20 are eligible to participate. Certified instructors teach gun safety (with emphasis!) and rifle marksmanship on the indoor range. The juniors shoot the NRA three position rifle course. Ear protection, eye protection, .22 target rifles, ammunition, targets, mats, shooting coats, and spotting scopes are provided at no charge. At the end of the season a dinner is held and awards are presented to the juniors. Juniors do not need to be club member’s children. Contact Jim Yeoman, 989-732-2006